Monday, October 5, 2009

The more things change...

I was reading my history text last night (can't figure out why I keep leaving it for the last minute -- dumb, dumb, dumb)...Anyway, I was really interested to realize that when I was reading the section about Futurism, the way Futurists arranged type on the page looked very, very similar to a book I'd just found at the bookstore.

The book is called The Art of Reading Sideways by Alan Fletcher. I've scanned some pages here to show how it's similar to the examples in Megg's text. Interesting to think that we don't see this kind of layout as all that unusual but during the early modern era, it was revolutionary -- sometimes literally.

It's 533 pages of all kinds of stuff arranged in a variety of ways on the pages. I love it! Another snowy day book.

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