Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Film Festival

I'm having trouble with this image...I scanned it from HOW magazine. Photoshop says the image is 701 X 342 pixels but it turns out teeny tiny and I can't scale it bigger. Suggestions?

I wanted to share it because I like the copy and the style. It's a series of posters from the Cincinnati Film Festival in 2007. What you're not seeing in the small image is "Confess your love for film" on all three posters. From lef to right, they say:
My cell phone is still on; I laugh even when I don't get it; I like to sit in the dark with strangers. I don't entirely understand the first one (maybe the films are shown in a more casual environment?). They just seem kind of quirky and whimsical. The color choice is interesting too.


  1. Just so you know, I asked my husband about the images being so small, but he couldn't understand why they would do that either. Sorry. Hope you have had a good weekend! See you tomorrow!

  2. You might try one of your accessory programs on the PC. It is a simple tool known as Paint. Pull up the scanned image on Paint and use Image. Go to Stretch and Skew, which will allow you to enlarge the image. Increase the ratio. Hope this works for you.